Welcome bonus

The world of internet gambling has become increasingly crowded and competitive and for casinos it is increasingly difficult to keep up and not fall into oblivion, supplanted by more innovative and fresh sites. It is for this purpose that there are internet casino bonuses, which encourage players to continue playing through big prizes and great advantages.
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There are various types of bonuses, welcome bonuses – also called welcome bonuses or sign up bonuses – match bonuses or deposit bonuses, bonuses linked to a particular promotion or recurrence, bonuses tied to a particular game. The first, namely the online welcome bonuses, are by far the richest and most important of all, because they have the very important task of attracting new players to the casinos.

It is usually possible to request welcome bonuses when making the first deposit, even if some sites offer more welcome bonuses and therefore the players will be rewarded for more deposits. The bonus can also be up to 400% of the amount deposited, and therefore reach significant amounts, which players can use to explore the potential of their new casino. Precisely because they are able to give large amounts of money, it is very important to evaluate well the amount of the welcome bonus offered before opening an account in a casino. The welcome bonus is certainly one of the factors to be evaluated before making a choice.

First deposit bonus

When choosing an online casino to open a new account there are many factors that need to be assessed. The first are undoubtedly the security of the casino with regards to the financial aspects and the protection of the personal data of the users. Secondly, there are the aspects linked to leisure, namely the games, the tournaments and the challenges offered, and of course the bonuses.

Internet casinos first deposit bonus are particularly important bonuses because, with the aim of attracting large numbers of new players, they are usually very conspicuous and capable of giving even three-figure numbers. A good casino online first deposit bonus can even double, triple or even quadruple a player’s first deposit, giving him up to four times more chances to have fun and win.

The best first deposit bonuses are those that give away a lot and have easy-to-complete terms of use, so that a player can arrive in a short time to withdraw their bonus. But there are not many casinos that offer really high-level bonuses, and there are many more that carry out a very aggressive promotion but which in the end are all smoke.

It is to help players find their way around this complex world that we have compiled a list of the richest first deposit bonuses that exist. In this way you can evaluate which casino you want to sign up for, choosing quality sites and giving you very rich prizes.
Be very careful when making your first deposit if the payment method qualifies for a bonus. For example many operators do not consider PayPal as eligible for receiving a bonus.

VIP bonus

VIP casino internet casinos are a special type of bonus that online casinos reserve for their most wealthy customers, who like to bet a lot. These players are invited to be part of a VIP club reserved only for those who have certain betting ranges, where there are promotions or levels of special promotions. The VIP online casino bonuses are just that.

It is in this way that online casinos keep close the players who like to bet more, giving them stratospheric figures and involving them in tournaments and contests with thousands of credits. If you are part of this small group of players – or you have just won a progressive millionaire jackpot and intend to start being part of it – here is a page that will be very interesting for you.

We have collected here the best VIP bonuses of the entire network. These bonuses come from well-known casinos, known for their security and for the general quality of their site, as well as their customer service, as well as their games. To try them, all you have to do is choose the one that inspires you the most, click and start playing. You will discover that these are sites that offer customers the best software, a friendly and safe environment in which to play, but which are also capable of giving great moments of fun and excitement, through tournaments and continuous challenges to win big prizes.